Long Island Facial Surgeon - James Marotta, MD - Septoplasty Nose Surgery

Septoplasty is a surgery performed a patient whose sole complaint is simply that they cannot breathe through one or both sides of their nose due to a deviated septum (when the cartilage that divides the left and right sides of the nose is crooked).  It is important to note, however, that a deviated septum may not be the cause of one's difficulty breathing.  In many cases, patients may be labeled as having a deviated septum when, in reality, their problem is more complex.  Dr. Marotta's background and training provides him with the expertise to properly diagnose and treat all causes of nasal obstruction - both medical and surgical.  At your consultation, Dr. Marotta will determine whether your problem is limited to a deviated septum, involves other issues such as nasal valve collapse (internal or external) thus requiring a septorhinoplasty to adequately correct the problem, or requires medical therapy alone.

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Reasons for having a Septoplasty
  • Difficulty breathing through one or both sides of your nose.

Note: Septoplasty is often covered by insurance.

General Procedure

Dr. Marotta performs all nasal surgery under deep sedation.  A septoplasty typically takes about half an hour.  All incisions are made inside of the nose.  The deviated portions of cartilage are removed and breathing restored. 


Post-operatively, our instructions call for head of bed elevation and limited activity.  A gauze bandage under the nose is all the dressing that is required.  Patients generally experience very little pain with nose surgery and require only occasional prescription oral pain medicine.  Most patients return to work in a week with no visible signs of having had surgery.